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If you or a loved one took the medication Xarelto® and suffered a serious internal bleeding injury or stroke, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the manufacturer.  Please call us today for a free, no obligation case review.  Call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our online contact form and a Lynwood California Xarelto Lawyer will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your questions.  There are no legal fees or costs to you unless you receive financial compensation at the end of the case. Time is limited, so please call us today.  We are also accepting cases if your loved one passed away after taking the medication.

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Having a blood clot has the potential to lead to quite a few grave dilemmas for its host. Similar to many health illnesses, you'll find procedures an individual can easily take on avert the development of blood clots from occurring at all. The moment the situation reaches something as significant as blood clots, you need to adhere to the safety steps your medical doctor provides.

Not only can you follow the solutions your medical expert suggests you use, but you should most definitely take matters in your own hands by hanging on to a healthy way of life. Young men/women suppose they aren't endangered, which exposes the reason they have a tendency to live an less healthy way of living oftentimes. This can certainly be unsafe to your health and wellness over time, making it crucial to endeavor to remain healthy all through your life regardless of what your age is. We shall summarize the strategies which may possibly assist you to prevent this probably lethal issue in order to live a long and healthful lifestyle.

Blood Clot Fundamentals

Before we speak about prevention, you should know exactly what a blood clot is. Blood clots are generally regarded as deep vein thrombosis. This can potentially become a malady from which your blood clots in someplace it shouldn’t normally clot. Deep inside the vein, an individual may possibly form a clot for a range of underlying factors.

You could perhaps have been told about someone just recently getting a hip/knee replacement surgery who suffered a blood clot in their leg. These incidences are particularly popular and clinical doctors are mindful about prevention measures. Various other elements that improve the possibility of blood clots include age group, body weight, history of stroke or heart attack, have a genealogy of blood clots, plus a number of other reasons.

Averting Blood Clots

There are actually variables that go into raising the likeliness you develop a clot that is unrestrainable. Those are things like family history, age, sex and if you are paralyzed. These factors, needless to say, cannot be controlled. Thankfully there are many things you can certainly alter and those are viewed as manageable risk factors.

Controllable risk factors comprise of:

Use of alcohol
Physical fitness (or lack thereof)
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
High stress levels

As you look at your risks with your general practitioner, you may easily determine what next actions you may take to help with blood clot deterrence. With regards to long trips, your medical expert could encourage you to pull over more regularly to get out and move around. Pregnancy could take a toll on a gal’s body and make her more liable to a blood clot.

With tobacco use and alcohol, you have to exclude it completely or cut back as much as you are instructed by your medical expert. Smoking and utilizing other tobacco goods will trigger constricting in the blood vessels, which is often called atherosclerosis. This will make your blood vessels become prone to accumulating blood clots.

Exercise and consuming an appropriate diet complete with vegetables and fruits will help in many ways. Workouts and eating properly definitely will decrease your cholesterol levels, decrease your blood pressure, and make it easier for you get slimmer. Precautionary procedures should be checked by your physician as they are going to want to keep a very close watch on how it's affecting you and grant you medicines as needed.


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